Boating Frequently Asked Questions

71 Essential Answers For Every Boater

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Boating FAQs 71 Essential Answers for Every BoaterAuthor: Bruce Stott, owner of Gulf Islands Cruising School Ltd.  Bruce is a Sail Canada Senior Cruising and Powerboat Instructor Evaluator and Transport Canada Accredited Instructor.

"In my years on the water I have seen boaters make numerous mistakes from docking unsafely, being unaware of the Rules of the Road and not knowing where they were."
                                                              Bruce Stott

You can benefit from Bruce's 40 plus years of experience teaching sailing and powerboat programs on vessels ranging from 13' - 86'.

Although I have been boating all my life, the book still provides a useful reminder of the essentials of boating. This book includes knowledge that any boater must have for safe boating. The book is readable and informative. Well done!
Frank Langer Nanaimo, BC




Skippers, crew members and guests will benefit from the "71 Essentials Answers for Every Boater".  For safety reasons, it is essential that at least one other person aboard is able to handle the vessel in the event the skipper is incapacitated. 

The information contained in this book will assist you in handling your vessel safely, make your boating more enjoyable and allow you to boat with increased confidence.  Once you read "71 Essentials Answers for Every Boater" you will be well prepared to handle your vessel.

Boating FAQs 71 Essential Answers for Every BoaterTopics covered in the E-book "Boating Frequently Asked Questions" include:

- Navigation - chart symbols and abbreviations and the common mistake many boaters make regarding currents

- Regulations and Licensing - what Regulations apply to Pleasure and Non-Pleasure vessels

 - Chartering and Instructing - what do I need to charter a vessel and how to become an Instructor 

  - Safety - mandatory equipment, float plan, pre-departure checklist

 - Anchoring - choosing an anchorage, scope, anchoring procedure

 - VHF Radio - operator certificate, terminology

 - Electronics - navigational aids, radar, GPS and depth sounder

 - Boat Handling - tiller steering, docking, twin engines

 - Knots - knots, bends, hitches and their uses

 - Flag Etiquette - where to fly flags

 - Emergencies - First Actions

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Boating FAQ's Ebook

 Boating FAQ's 

Author:  Bruce Stott

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