E-lessons are short concise lessons on buying, inspecting and handling your boat which can be downloaded immediately after purchasing.  The following e-lessons are now available. 

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boat typesThis Special Report covers 70 different boat types.

hin This Special Report #2 covers the Hull Identiy Number. 

Inspect YourselfThis Special Report #3 covers includes inspection checks.


DemoThis Special Report #4 covers what to do during a demo. 


DinghyOnce you have a dinghy, there are many ways to enjoy it. These e Lessons discusses a multitude of uses and fun things that you and your family can do to enjoy your dinghy more and your boat more. Go have fun with your Dinghy! 


AnchorDoug Dawson’s e-Lessons focus on the easy and safe way to securely lower and set anchors and raise them. Anchoring should not be stressful or dangerous. It should be understood, safe and easy.


RampTips for launching and retrieving your power boat are contained in these e-lessons.

Don't be Launch Ramp Entertainment. Whether you are launching or hauling any size boat at a ramp, you don't want to be the entertainment. Learn how to launch your boat like a Pro.

Doug teaches you how marina staff and pros ramp--easily. And, how to keep your feet dry! 


Tie PowerTechniques for securely tying your boat.

Dock lines don't have to ressemble a spider's web. Doug simplifies boat tying with one setup that secures your boat for most situations.

These e-Lessons also covers tying to a high wharf, to pilings in a shared slip plus how to raft for safer entertaining.


Twin InboardDocking a twin engine inboard boat.

Docking a twin inboard is the easiest of all drive systems and most people graduate to twins during their later years in a yacht.

Doug shares his "giant tip" in this e-Lesson, so you’ll dock your yacht like a professional captain.

Plus, you'll save your First Mate from attempting to imitate the bionic woman.


Docking Twin OBDocking twin outboards.

Docking twins is not twice as easy! Without being shown how, it can be more than twice as difficult with four levers.

Doug shares the "single trick" for mastering some twins, while others are far easier using his "arc method".

These e-lessons will teach you both systems and on which boat each works best. This will simplify docking a Twin Outboard.

Single InboardDocking a single inboard.

Docking a single inboard on a ski boat for example, is how Doug started docking back in the 1950’s.

There are some idiosyncrasies you must be taught first; or you’ll never get docked, because they will fight you every time.

Doug shares the "magic". This e-lesson shows you how to figure out these idiosyncrasies and use them to your advantage.

Docking Single OBDocking a single outboard.

Docking the most popular drive systems are, as it turns out, the most difficult. Without learning the key to reverse, you could spend summers figuring out why your boat does not behave, as you expect.

Doug reveals the "key", you need to know to dock your Single Outboard like a pro.

Dock a Sail BoatSailboats are equipped with huge rudders, deep keels, little propellers and a unique shape that makes docking totally different than docking any power boat.

Doug teaches sailors the easy way to "sneak up" on their dock, step off and take a bow.

General elessons  The better way to Dock, Ramp and Tie your Power Boat.

Tie Knots Tying and Using Knots.

Rope Line Making Rope into Lines

Wakes Conquering Wakes

Communicate  Communicating Aboard

Dock Cruise  Docking While Cruising

Docking Your Single SterndriveDocking the Single Sterndrive
Doug Dawson’s Lesson “Docking Your Single Sterndrive–Introductory” has 120 pages with 140 diagrams of proven, detailed, step-by-step instructions for handling and docking a Single Sterndrive bow first in your slip and at a gas dock.



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