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How to Buy a Boat

Now You Have Direct Access To One Of The World’s Leading Experts On How To Buy The Right Boat! Imagine having an expert at your side helping you to select the perfect kind of boat for your family and activities–and get it at the best price! (someone who can show you how to check out two seemingly identical boats and know which one is the money pit).


Downloadable PDF e-lessons on a variety of topics including docking single and twin engine boats, tying your boat, uses for a dinghy, docking a sailboat, anchoring and ramping.

First Mate Must Have    is filled with tips and tricks. She describes in great detail, a long list of First Mate jobs with shortcuts in two major chapters—Interior Management and Exterior Management. The book is so much more than how to be a First Mate. Readers have suggested that after reading the book from cover to cover, they plan to keep “First Mate 101” aboard their boat for easy reference when a situation arises.

Knowledge = Confidence = Enjoyment !

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