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Fishing is a sport enjoyed by the whole family and can be done from the shore or from a boat.
boating courses - fishingBruce and Steven have had the opportunity to salmon fish as you can see from the picture. 


A day's fishingThis was a result of a day's fishing for three people in August 2005.

Recently Bruce and Steven were fresh water fishing at the lake from the dock.  Although no fish were caught the bonding experience and meeting other fishermen added up to a rewarding day.  To start off fishing minimum equipment is required - a rod and spinning reel and some fishing tackle. 

Setting Yourself Up With Fishing Equipment

Buying fishing equipment is easy.  First you need to find a shop with a knowledgeable staff and talk to them. They are privy to a lot of fishing information every day.

You should only buy equipment that you really want.  It is not essential to carry every bit of fishing equipment you can afford.

Starting out your fishing equipment collection with a rod and reel combination is a good idea. You can get a  basic set-up for less than fifty dollars.  For learning the basics of fishing, expensive equipment is not necessary.

Fishing equipment includes many items. It is not only a rod and reel, but also comfort items such as a cooler, sunscreen, hat, warm clothing, cushion or chair, food and water.

Don’t expect the fishing equipment that you purchase when you are first learning to be the fishing equipment that you end up fishing with forever. You will need to experiment with different rods periodically as you develop your fishing style.

Fishing Boat

A fishing boat can come in many different shapes and sizes. The smallest is the two person pleasure boat all the way up to the largest which may be an eight ton commercial fishing boat that can hold over a hundred people.

The two person fishing boat is usually eight to twelve feet in length, made of aluminum and comfortably holds two along with their fishing gear and a cooler with some drinks and snacks. A Boat of this nature may not have a fast motor but will almost always have a trolling motor.

The all-purpose fishing boat is ten to fifteen feet in length and can comfortably hold four people along with all their gear. These boats tend to have trolling motors and outboard motors. Included with these fiberglass boats is a built in cooler under the seats that can hold the fish you catch or your food and drinks you brought with you.

Fishing can be done on any type of boat but the fishing boat that is designed for anglers is the one you will have the most enjoyment using. If you have the money to get one, there are even sports fishing yachts that have built in seating and fishing poles connected to the edges of the boat for big game fishing.

What to Know Before You Go

Fishing from a boat is an enjoyable experience.  To be prepared for a day or more on the water in your boat you must be aware of certain regulations.  A boat must be equipped with the minimum safety equipment.  The requirements are outlined in the Safe Boating Guide.  There are competency requirements for the operator of a pleasure boat.  We can examine and issue the card to boaters. 

If you will be fishing on the ocean, it is important to have a good understanding of reading the Tide & Current Tables as well as chart reading and basic navigation.  We offer a Home Study Coastal Navigation course and succesful completion of the exam can lead to certification to the Canadian Yachting Association Coastal Navigation Standard.

For boats equipped with a VHF radio, the operator must hold a minimum of a Restricted Operator Certificate.

New boat owners may want to take advantage of the different levels of Power boat training available. We specialize in teaching owners aboard their own boat.


Before heading out fishing, it is important to check the regulations in your particular area and acquire the proper licence.

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