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Sailing Instruction 26' C&CSailing Instruction - Learn to Cruise Programs

Top three reasons for taking Instruction:

 1. Builds confidence
 2. Teaches new skills
 3. Promotes teamwork

Since 1980, Gulf Islands Cruising School Ltd. has been providing quality sailing instruction. We are the oldest sailing school in B.C. under continuous ownership. You can depend on our years of personal experience in operating sailing instructional programs. Sail Canada standards for Learn to Cruise, Basic & Intermediate Coastal Navigation and Learn to Powerboat are offered. Private instruction on your own boat is also available. 

We are so grateful to you & your program. It was the beginning of our sailing life - & what a wonderful opportunity it is.
Thank you!
Larry & Julie
We have a Maple Leaf 45 called Komara. We're going to Mexico, down the coast & through Panama into the Caribbean. Then planning to cross to Europe, maybe Ireland, England then down into the Mediterranean before coming back to the Caribbean. Who knows after that.
We had a Westsail 42 since 1993 & took her offshore for a yr with our kids, aged 15 & 16. Then we cruised California to Mexico, Hawaii & back.
It's because of the training I received through Gulf Island's Cruising that I was confident enough to learn to handle the Westsail & now the Maple Leaf.
Hooked on Sailing,

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Any of the following Standards may be taught as part of a formal program with other students or as private lessons aboard your own boat.

Introduces novice boaters to safe practices in preparing to leave the dock, while underway, and when returning to dock.

To be able to cruise safely by day in local waters as crew of a sloop rigged keel boat, 20-30 feet, in moderate wind and sea conditions.

To be able to cruise safely in local waters as both skipper and crew in moderate wind and sea conditions by day. This course is designed for the novice sailor and those with little experience on cruising sailboats in tidal waters.

To be able to cruise safely in familiar waters as both skipper and crew in moderate wind and sea conditions by day. Emphasizes on-the-water skills including cruise planning and practical navigation. 

To be able to operate day or night in coastal waters in any weather. Available upon request.

All the above standards are available by private instruction.  If you would like to join a class, we act as brokers for a number of schools.

At this time, we are not conducting live-aboard courses due to COVID.  We can refer you to other schools.

To be able to demonstrate the navigational theory required to safely navigate a sailboat in coastal or inland waters. The course is available by correspondence.


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*We are unable to accept unaccompanied minors for courses. We encourage families learning together. A Cruise can make a memorable family vacation.  Book now for a holiday to treasure.


Sail Canada Cruising Skills Manual         $39
Sail Canada  Logbook                           $30
Registration fee, BC Sailing                   $24 
Instructor                               $600/day or $80/hour
Travel time outside of Sidney    $35/hour
Mileage $0.53/km, it is usually less expensive if I rent a car and charge for the fuel.

All above rates are subject to 5% GST.

If you don't have your own boat, you may charter one.  As brokers we can assist you in arranging a boat.

Sailboats are equipped with huge rudders, deep keels, little propellers and a unique shape that makes docking totally different than docking any power boat.  Doug teaches sailors the easy way to "sneak up" on their dock, step off and take a bow.

 Dock Your Sailboat

Call (250) 656-2628 for reservations.

Bruce and Fran Stott
Mailing Address: 10191 Third St Sidney BC V8L 4B9
By E-mail


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Bruce Stott
Bruce Stott
President/Chief Instructor
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