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Private Instruction on Your Boat

 Private Instruction

"We have discussed our / my unnecessary disdain when we have made errors and have admired your handling of such uncomfortable situations. We have learned and built a stronger boating relationship upon those errors in judgement. For that we thank you!"
S & J, Malahat BC, 2021

Have you just purchased your first boat and want private instruction?  Have you moved to a larger boat?  Are you switching from sail to power or vice versa?  Do you have new navigation electronics onboard and you want some private instruction on how to operate your electronics?

We can help!  If you need some pointers in docking or undocking - we can assist.  If your boat is a single engine, inboard or outboard or twin engines we can show you the ropes (Pun intended!).  We have experience on motor boats from 8' dinghies to 86' yachts as well as sailing boats up to 56'.

"I have enjoyed several hours of instructive and pleasurable boating tuition from Mr Bruce Stott. As a first time boat owner, I have much to learn and felt my confidence growing each time we journeyed out. I have learned a great deal regarding boating safety and regulations, from dockside preparations for leaving, reading and understanding charts, correct anchoring procedures and importantly, using the local waterways safely and responsibly.

This makes me feel more equipped and able to venture out safely with my family.
Bruce is a very patient tutor and his knowledge and communication skills make for a very worthwhile and informative boating experience."

Mr Yat Keung Mak
British Columbia
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For the new boater we usually start with a pre-departure check to ensure the boat is properly equipped to make a safe passage.  We will check all the Transport Canada required safety equipment and give you suggestions on what needs to be replaced or upgraded and recommendations on where to purchase or have the equipment serviced.  You will be shown how to use the safety equipment and where possible, have an opportunity to practise using this equipment. 

You will be shown all the checks to perform on your engine(s) and mechanical systems before getting underway. 

Docking and undocking is usually the next step followed by anchoring, mooring and Man overboard drills.  You will be taught the correct operation of all the electronics such as VHF radio, radar, GPS, chart plotters, depth sounder and auto-pilot. 

If required, you will be shown the procedures for operating all the domestic systems such as shore-power, galley equipment, all electrical systems and sanitation systems. 


Thank you again for making the trip a success. I was particularly impressed by your teaching ability in the close quarters maneuvering – your manner makes it easy to process the instructions and see what is happening. Good for learning.

It was great to see the bow and stern springs – I had not seen that before and I can see that they are v good tricks to have in the toolbox. Much wider range of situations than just the midship springs.

June 2014

For boat owners new to the area we also conduct familiarization cruises where you have the opportunity to use all your boat's navigation equipment while cruising in the Gulf Islands.  If you require training in navigation we can provide you with our home-study Coastal Navigation course.  We strongly encourage families to take the instruction together.

Sail Canada Powerboat Skills Manual      $39
Sail Canada Basic Cruising Skills Manual  $39

Sail Canada Logbook                                  $30 for each student
Registration fee                                          $24/person/standard
Radio Operator course                              $190 Add $130 for second person 
Instructor                                                    $600/day or $80/hour
Travel time outside of Sidney                   $35/hour
Mileage $0.53/km, it is usually less expensive if I rent a car and charge for the fuel.


All above rates are subject to 5% GST.

Topics covered may include:

    Docking and undocking including use of spring lines,

    Handling your boat in confined spaces,

    Mooring and anchoring,

    Man overboard drills,

    Electronic navigational aids

        GPS - how to enter waypoints, construct routes, understand XTE, VMG, SOG, COG

        Radar - how to tune your radar, the function of all the controls, EBL and VRM - what they are and how to use them for collision avoidance and navigation

        Integrated systems combining GPS, depth sounder, radar and chart plotter such as RayMarine and Furuno

        Computer based charting systems such as Marine Map or Nobeltec

    VHF radio operation including administering the exam for the Restricted Operator Certificate - Maritime ROC(M)

Any of the Sail Canada Standards, Power or Sail, may be taught aboard your own boat.


Bruce Stott
Bruce Stott
President/Chief Instructor
Nautical Experience

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